The Brand

Swiss Made x Los Angeles Born

Artel Rotec is a family owned, independent watch company, created by  designer and watch collector, Matthew Roknipour in 2018.  The company was formed when the founders decided to go after a life long dream.  The mission was always to conjoin his knowledge and style with his desire for high quality time pieces.  The brands design clearly states the inspiration taken from his life passions; sports, performance automobiles and fashion design.  With a vision defined, the Artel Rotec team made their way to the home of watchmaking heritage.  In the small watchmaking town of Botyre, Switzerland, the team found their manufacturing partners, Swisstech.  In collaboration with the Swisstech team and world-renowned watch designer Rodolphe Cattin, the Artel Rotec team designed and built the V Series and its  ART052 automatic movement.  This proprietary design movement would become the heart of the V Series line from Artel Rotec.  

The V-Series lineup was designed to be limited edition sports timepieces, hand-built individually, using only high grade materials.  The team looked to maintain a raw aesthetic to the lineup, being made from a single block, forged carbon composite.  While  the avant-garde, urban, lightweight design was built with strict attention to detail and created for a strong and fearless presence.


The Artel Rotec motto, “Our story is your next step,”  is directly meant to address the brands lack of history.  While Artel Rotec does not have a long, storied heritage, the brands intentions are clear… Your story is the Artel Rotec story. 




Matt Roknipour; CEO & Creative Director